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After the release of our book, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense and Medicare Supplements to Seniors,” insurance agents were still asking us for a more condensed resource to help close more leads in less time.

So, we here at Lead Heroes whittled down our book into a no-fluff eBook full of scripts to guide agents through the entire sales cycle for selling both Medicare Supplements and Final Expense life insurance.

This eBook features proven scripts to help agents enhance every step of a potential sale, including scripts that show agents:

How to call up insurance leads and set appointments

How to overcome objections when you're trying to set appointments or attempting to close leads

How to consistently follow-up to close the leads that don't buy when you first contact them

How to qualify a prospect's health, budget, and most importantly, their need for a plan

How to present and sell a Final Expense or Medicare Supplement plan

How to cross-sell and ask for referrals

You won’t find another eBook with more helpful

insurance scripts!

If you’re wondering how the eBook is organized, we modeled it after the 10 questions we asked each of the 35 insurance agents who collaborated in our book – which covers every aspect of the insurance sales cycle:

Chapter 1.

Initial Contact:

When you first contact new leads, what do you specifically say to them to engage conversation and build trust so that they don’t hang up on you or dismiss your phone call?

Chapter 2.


What are the top three most common objections you get from telemarketed leads? Please pick two of those objections and tell us what you say (specifically) to address those concerns.

Chapter 3.

Re-Engaging Hard-to-Contact Leads:

How often do you try to contact an unresponsive lead? What do you say to reengage these leads when you finally talk to them?

Chapter 4.

Qualifying the Prospect:

What questions do you ask to qualify a lead before you present a solution? How do you discuss budget (for Final Expense) or possible savings (for Medicare Supplements)?

Chapter 5.

Explaining the Benefits:

When you first contact new leads, what do you specifically say to them to engage conversation and build trust so that they don’t hang up on you or dismiss your phone call?

Chapter 6.

Selling the Solution:

What questions do you ask to get a lead emotionally involved or committed to a solution? Please be specific.

Chapter 7.

Following Up with Pipeline Leads:

When you follow up with pipeline leads (who didn’t buy when you initially presented or quoted them), how do you restart that conversation months later? What do you specifically say to them to get them to remember you and the conversation you had with them?

Chapter 8.

Preventing Lapses:

How do you deal with first-year lapses for Final Expense, or being replaced for Medicare Supplement sales? What do you say or do to earn back the business?

Chapter 9.


Do you cross-sell Final Expense if you sell Medigap, or cross-sell Medigap/Medicare Advantage if you first sell Final Expense? What do you say to clients to get this conversation started?

Chapter 10.

Obtaining Referrals:

What’s the best way to go about earning/soliciting referrals? What tools do you use? If you are directly asking for referrals, what do you write or say to them?

If you’ve asked any of these questions before, or you’re wondering what other successful agents are doing to build their insurance business – then you’ll want to download this eBook right away to learn the best practices and proven scripts that other agents use to sell more insurance to seniors.

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