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Day 2 - Mastering Lead Buying Prep

Welcome back to Day 2 of our 17-Day Mini Course on How to Succeed Buying Insurance Leads! In today's video, learn crucial tips for lead buying prep:

  • Set Realistic Expectations

  • Identify Your Ideal Leads

  • Manage Expectations for ROI

Day 3 - CRMs

Welcome to Day 3 of our 17-Day Mini Course on How to Succeed Buying Insurance Leads!

In today's video, Glenn and Christian dive into CRMs and dialers, essential tools for insurance agents looking to maximize their lead buying success.


  • The importance of CRMs for organizing, automating, and tracking leads

  • Recommendations for top CRMs like Agency Block and Medicare Pro

  • How dialers can increase your contact rate and touch points with prospects

Day 4 - Dialers

Welcome back to our 17-Day Mini Course on How to Succeed in Buying Insurance Leads!

In today's video, Glen and Christian dive into the world of dialers, sharing valuable insights on how to boost your efficiency and contact rate with prospects.


  • The importance of dialers in maximizing your contact rate

  • Types of dialers and how they can benefit your sales process

  • Recommendations for top dialer solutions

Day 5 - Your Lead Buying Budget

In today's session, we delve into a crucial aspect of lead buying success - your budget.

Christian shares invaluable insights on how to set a budget that aligns with your goals and ensures consistent lead flow for your business.

Day 6 - Calling Scripts

In today’s mini course, we are discussing calling scripts! The first 10 seconds of a call are crucial, and we’ll show you how to make them count.

Glen and Christian share key strategies to help you hook your prospects from the start and avoid common pitfalls that turn potential clients away.

Day 7 - Tonality

Today's focus is on tonality—one of the most crucial elements of successful telesales.

Your voice can be your most powerful tool when engaging with prospects, whether over the phone or in person.

Day 8 - Appointment Setting Scripts

In today's video, we delve into the skill of appointment setting.

To maximize your ROI when buying insurance leads, it's essential to keep your appointment-setting script short and sweet.

Day 9 - Virtual Assistants

Today's focus is on leveraging virtual assistants (VAs) to boost your ROI.

If you're overwhelmed with administrative tasks, a VA could be your secret weapon.

Delegation expert Glen Shelton dives into how VAs can help streamline your processes, manage your CRM, set appointments, and more—freeing up your time to focus on what you do best: SELLING.

Day 9 - Activity Levels

In this video, we deep dive the topic of activity levels and its critical importance for any insurance agent.

This might be the single most important factor determining your success with insurance leads!

The effort you put in directly impacts your ROI, and we want to help you maximize every opportunity.

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